The student’s account becomes eligible for a refund when the balance is exceeded by the credits posted to it. Refunds are processed once a week. Refunds resulting from an overage from Title IV aid funds are automatically processed by Student Financial Services as quickly as possible to be distributed by the Controller’s Office on the nearest upcoming Monday per their processing calendar.  Refunds resulting from an overage from Alternative Loan funds or other sources must be requested in writing, preferably on the Refund Request Form. If a student prefers to have the available refund amount rolled over to the next semester, a written request is required.

Bryn Mawr College provides a permission feature through BIONIC Self-Service to expedite the processing of federal funds relating to student accounts.  Granting “Title IV Permission” will authorize federal funds to pay for miscellaneous charges, (health center fees, parking fines, etc.) and therefore, accelerate the payment of bills and any applicable refund.

Refunds can be directly deposited to a bank account.  To request Direct Deposit, download the Direct Deposit Form, complete, and submit to the Controller’s Office.