"The language departments at Bryn Mawr provided my fellow majors and me with an absolutely unparalleled education.

I arrived at Bryn Mawr intending to major in Spanish and Biology, but I immediately fell in love with the French classes I took my first year. I ended up majoring in French and completing an MA as well. In addition to engaging and rigorous classes, the undergrad and graduate programs afforded me numerous opportunities such as : studying abroad in Paris; attending the Institut d'Avignon; being able to TA in French and participate in exemplary pedagogy workshops that still shape how I teach today; and having the opportunity to carry out extensive research projects with the inspiring and careful guidance of our professors.

In my first semesters at Bryn Mawr, I remember being daunted, incredibly impressed, and very excited by the wide range of courses the French department offered and by the diversity of the robust list of primary texts and critical theory that each class covered. Indeed, it was precisely the literary training we were offered that turned out to be one of the most remarkable aspects of an already remarkable program. I took absolutely brilliant courses on Medieval literature, (that Bryn Mawr offers so many at the undergraduate level is a particular richness of the program!), as well as illuminating seminars and independent studies on French Enlightenment thought, Francophone literature, Early Modern theater, hagiography, Montaigne, and a particularly wonderful seminar on Proust that covered the entire Recherche.

I still vividly remember all of my classes and often refer to my notes--sometimes just for the pleasure of reviewing them and sometimes to work on research or prepare my own classes. When I pursued MA studies in other areas and began my PhD studies in Romance Languages & Literatures and Medieval Studies, I was very well-prepared and I have only Bryn Mawr's language departments to thank! I am grateful that I landed at Bryn Mawr and I feel so fortunate that I was able to be part of  such a fantastic department!" - Alani Hicks-Barlett '05 (French, Italian & Spanish), M.A. '06 (French)