"My Francophone studies at Bryn Mawr College opened up numerous opportunities for me to study, travel, and work in the field of language instruction abroad and in the USA.  When I arrived at BMC  It was very important to me to achieve success in learning foreign languages because I did not have a strong foundation. The French and Francophone Studies program at Bryn Mawr helped and challenged me to not only improve my French skills but also to develop important skills for my future such as the perseverance necessary to study and speak a foreign language.  After spending time in Europe teaching English post-graduation, I am now a French teacher and the World Language Department Chair at a high school in Boston where I am also pursuing my MA in Applied Linguistics.  My Francophone studies and the French Studies program at BMC have empowered me to accomplish my goals in language study and fueled my passion for languages that continues to be at the center of my professional and academic life today." - Chelsea Choate '11