“I have always loved languages, so majoring in one was never a question.  I chose French because I had been studying it in high school, but more importantly, because I wanted to work in development in Africa, which has many French speaking countries.  My first job after graduating BMC was with a women’s rights organization that was organizing women from all over the world to contribute towards the development of the important UN agreements of the 1990's on human rights, the environment, reproductive health, social development etc.  My knowledge of French allowed me to support the participation of French speaking African women and other French speakers from other countries.  I used it every day for two years in that job and for the next two jobs and since, from reviewing French-speaking countries' laws and policies  affecting women’s sexual and reproductive lives to directing a regional program advancing maternal health and adolescent sexual and reproductive health in West Africa for a US based international organization.  Without my French, I honestly don’t believe I would have been able to do the work and have the career that I have.  When I am hiring staff or interns, I always look for someone with proficiency in a second language.  If you want a career with an international focus, that second language is essential.  While I came into BMC with some French, I became fluent and more confident in my skills through the college’s program.”