"As a descendant of Québecoise immigrants, maybe my love of French has always been in my DNA, but as a French and Comparative Literature double major, a literal world of possibilities began to open themselves to me through the diverse course offerings and extraordinary professors at Bryn Mawr.  I spent an academic year abroad in Paris, where I immersed myself in francophone literature, film, theater and history of art at the Sorbonne and the Sorbonne Nouvelle. After graduating, my first job out of college was in higher education administration at the Boston University Study Abroad Office.  During this time I had the opportunity to pursue classes in Arabic, French and Education, which ultimately led me to obtain a Master's of Arts in Teaching in Foreign Language Education in 2013. Having completed my student teaching practicum at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School, I was hired that fall at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School where I have been teaching secondary French and leading student exchanges to France since.  Outside of the classroom, I have had the good fortune to receive funding to pursue travel in several francophone countries, including the Lisa Loeb Fellowship through Boston University which allowed me to travel to Morocco and French Polynesia in 2013, and a National Endowment for the Humanities grant to study 20th-century French Theater in Avignon during the annual Theater Festival in 2014. Independently I traveled to Haiti for a week-long service trip in 2017 and to Senegal for six weeks of professional development and volunteering in 2018.  My time in these places has been some of the most enriching and eye-opening of my life and has given me incredible perspective on the diversity of the French-speaking world. The level of fluency I have managed to reach through my Bryn Mawr coursework and these experiences abroad have opened up a wide variety of opportunities and connections with people that I likely wouldn’t have otherwise.