"Enough time has passed that when asked I would not admit to the exact date I graduated from Bryn Mawr! But I remember my experience there fondly. I was a French major who also minored in Mathematics (Descartes!). I spent a summer at our Avignon Institut living with a French family who I remember were warm-hearted and great cooks and introduced me to the herbs of Provençe. But one summer in France was not enough. I found my way back the following year as a full-time student living in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. 

After graduating from Bryn Mawr, I was unsure about what kind of work I wanted to do but knew I really enjoyed traveling. As luck would have it, I landed a job with a non-profit in DC doing humanitarian work in Africa. A year and a half after working at Africare, I was promoted to a position in one of the organization's overseas offices in Niger. What a life-changing experience! Not to mention a second opportunity to use my French skills and become fluent in the language. When I was ready to come back to the States, I applied to the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University where I was later accepted into the master of public health program. Two years after completing the program, I was once again unsure about what I wanted to do but decided to search for jobs where I could apply my new skills in epidemiology.  I worked at a hospital in Manhattan for several years doing patient-oriented and operations research. After finding the career track to be less rewarding for non-clinicians, I pursued a career in the pharmaceutical industry, first in the health economics and outcomes research department at Pfizer and am now working in a similar capacity at Bristol Myers Squibb. I am a proud mother and live in Harlem where I am still able to practice my French regularly due to the neighborhood’s large Francophone community."