"I currently am a Human Rights Officer with the Mission des Nations Unies and am responsible for all Human Rights Reports for the entire South Sudan, where my legal training (J.D., U. of Michigan) and my knowledge of French and Francophone culture are essential to carrying out my responsibilities.  Before that, I worked in Liberia as a legal consultant in the Human Rights Unit (first as a Carter Center Fellow, then under contract with the UN Mission in Liberia).  I was in charge of writing the report for the Universal Periodic Review, which happens only once every four years and is the major treaty-based human rights mechanism- so it's really important that it be done well, and in order to do it well, I need to be on the ground, talking to people.  I learned all these skills at BMC!  I joined UNICEF in January 2015 as a Reports Officer in the Office of the Country Representative- a big step up from my consultancy in the Human Rights and Protection Section at UNMIL and am passionate about my new U.N. responsibilities."