"I am a Department of Defense liaison to the French Ministry of Defense and live in Paris, where I am responsible essentially for the daily maintenance and enhancement of the US-French military cooperation relationship. I interact with my French counterparts on a daily basis entirely in French, both in formal written form and conversationally.

I can't thank Bryn Mawr's French undergraduate program enough for preparing me for the career I have now. The extensive reading and writing helped me learn how to consume and process large volumes of complex information in a timely manner. The French program also inspired strong critical thinking skills as well as confident oral presentation, skills my job requires today. The variety of courses offered equipped me with a well-rounded background and understanding of French literature, culture, and history. This has proven invaluable as well, as I live in Paris and observe and engage in the city around me.

In short, it's not too much to say that I wouldn't be where I am today were it not for the French program at Bryn Mawr and the strong mentorship from the professors. They made learning a joy and I am forever grateful to them." - Shana Kurata

(Shana Kurata is pictured on the right with current French Major, Caroline Cosby '17.)