We recently caught up with Eva Goedhart, Ph.D. '15 (mathematics) to learn more about her new teaching post and asked her to reflect back on what she learned from her time at Bryn Mawr.

I’m currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at Lebanon Valley College in a three-year position. My primary responsibilities are to teach a variety of undergraduate mathematics course. Here, we teach the students to use their books as resources, to work with their professors and each other, and to develop their mathematical reasoning and communication skills through written assignments and presentations.

During my time at Bryn Mawr College, I had the opportunity to be a Teaching Assistant for a wide variety of courses in the department. Since each professor has their own style, this provided me with a multitude of teaching examples from which to learn. I have since incorporated several of those styles into my own teaching.

Now that I am no longer at Bryn Mawr, I have come to appreciate the unique dynamics of an undergraduate population of all women, how they interact with each other in and out of class, and how driven and committed they are to succeeding.

Though teaching takes up the majority of my time right now, I am currently pursuing solutions to particular families of Thue equations. These equations are a specific type of Diophantine equation that I studied in my dissertation research and so the methods used in my research lend themselves well to solving Thue equations.

Outside of my academic career, I am preparing for the birth of our second child, arriving this winter.