You can direct your Bryn Mawr Fund gift to an area of impact:


Provides critical scholarship support to help Bryn Mawr to recruit the best and brightest minds, and internship opportunities that push students’ intellectual boundaries.


Provides the curricular innovations, faculty recruitment and development, and instructional technology that make learning at Bryn Mawr a cutting-edge experience.

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Propels more women into science, technology and math fields and supports the 31% of Bryn Mawr students who major in mathematics and the natural sciences, nearly four times the national average for women.

Bryn Mawr’s Greatest Needs

Impacts all areas of the Bryn Mawr experience from upkeep of the historic campus to supporting student activities.

The College counts on your support every year to provide students with the academic, experiential learning and student-life programming that make a Bryn Mawr education so rich and rewarding.