Frequently Asked Questions

Do you separate students based on academic level, i.e., high school, undergraduate, graduate, or working professional?

No, courses are based on the language level and are taught at the college level. 

Who attends the Russian Language Institute? How many students are in each class?

We have students of all ages, but generally most are between the ages of 18-22 and are current undergraduate students. The class sizes remain small to promote an intensive, immersion setting and average five to 10 students per class.

May I attend one four-week session? 

Yes, however, the second four-week session is a continuation of the first session so it is best to attend session 1. For those who wish to attend session 2, you will need to have previously completed the material from session 1. We may also require you to have a phone interview in Russian with our academic coordinator to assess your current level prior to acceptance to the program.

Is it possible to take a few days off to attend a special event, i.e, wedding, family or job obligation, or academic conference?

Yes, but only with special permission from your instructors and our academic coordinator. In general, if you plan to miss any class, you should get approval from your instructors and the academic coordinator.

May I have a car on campus?

Yes. Parking permits are free of charge and allow students to park in multiple lots on campus.

Do I have to live on campus if I am Russian 001/002 student? 

It is strongly encouraged, but not required for students to live on campus. If you choose to live off campus then it is your responsibility to arrange this housing.

How do I transfer my credits after the program ends?

You will need to complete a transcript request form. Follow the instructions on the Bryn Mawr College Registrar's site for ordering a transcript by mail.