Revision Stage

CYCLES — ongoing construction

This page offers materials to support ongoing reflection and revision of your syllabi.


"It can be helpful and interesting for the professor to talk a bit about themselves--it develops the idea that they’re human but also illustrates their approach and how they came to consider and do work in their field." 

"I also appreciate when classes seem organized – moving chronologically, or thematically, through whatever subject we are tackling. This doesn’t have to be a traditional kind of organization, but as long as the professor explains it, it’s great. It just helps me as a student get a handle on why we are studying what we are and in what order, which helps for making connections between different texts and topics. These connections could also be made explicitly in paper or exam questions, where we are asked to link between these texts…"

Kelly Gavin Zuckerman
Syllabus Workshop Facilitator 

Chanelle Wilson
Syllabus Workshop Facilitator