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BiONiC Tour for Students

Please click on the links below if you need help accomplishing a task in Bionic.  If you need additional help, please drop in to one our of Zoom Help sessions.

  1. Help searching classes by keyword, department, or instructor, here.
  2. Help searching classes by campus, day/time, or requirement, here.
  3. Help with Shopping Cart and adding favorites, here.
  4. Help with registering for THRIVE, here.
  5. How to DROP/SWAP a class, here.
  6. How to enroll in PE classes, here.
  7. How to see placement exam results and AP test scores, here.
  8. Updating personal information in Bionic, here.
  9. How to SWAP a lab section, here.
  10. How to declare a course Credit/No Credit, here.
  11. How to check your grades in Bionic, here.
  12. How to get your unofficial transcript, here. for your official transcript, click on the "transcripts" page, here.
  13. How to complete and submit the Major Work Plan, here.

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