Recent Fellowship Recipients

Below is a partial list of recent Bryn Mawr recipients of awards, scholarships, and fellowships, with links to more information about their achievements.

Beinecke Scholars

Boren Scholars

Churchill Scholars

Fulbright English Teaching Assistants

Fulbright Research Grants

To Graduate Students

To Graduating Seniors

Goldwater Scholars

Rhodes Scholars

Watson Fellows

  • Sanam Sheriff '18: "Women & Words: Healing Through Writing"
  • Fatoumata Sylla '18: "Confronting & Healing Maternal Depression In Marginalized Communities"
  • Rasha Younes '16: "Refusing to Be Silent: Spoken Work Poetry as Empowerment and Activism"
  • Camilla Dely '15: "Sustaining Bravery:  Where Art-Making and Life-Making Meet for Women Theater Artists"
  • Ekaterina Vlasova '15: "Cultures of Healing: Exploring Mindfulness as a Healing Practice in Contemplative Communities"
  • Ashley Hahn '14 : "Overcoming Trauma: Exploring Different Approaches to Helping Children in Need"
  • Simone Biow '10: "Creative Destruction: How Developing Countries Weather Climate Change"
  • Gillian Grassie '09: "Artist 2.0: The Impact of New Technology on Independent Music."

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