Blended Learning Support

The Education and Scholarly Technology team is available for consultation on everything from setting up your Moodle class to redesigning your syllabus around a digital project. 

Meet with an Educational Technology Specialist

Thinking of blending a course or adding a digital curricular project to one of your courses? Our educational technology specialists have both technology and pedagogical expertise, and can help you with all aspects of digital course design, from researching tools that best meet your learning goals, to developing plans for assessment and support for your students. 

Digital Bryn Mawr Grants

For more ambitious course development projects, Bryn Mawr faculty, staff, and graduate students can apply for Digital Bryn Mawr grants. Created to advance Digital Bryn Mawr Presidential Initiative, Digital Bryn Mawr grants can support guest speakers, professional development, pilot trials of software or hardware, and other expenses that advance digital innovation in teaching and learning at Bryn Mawr College. 

Student Interns

LITS also uses Digital Bryn Mawr funding to offer student internship opportunities that enable students develop their digital competencies while working on projects that enhance or support the College's mission. 

Depending on the timing, expertise, and work hours a Digital Bryn Mawr grant-funded project requires, we may be able to incorporate Digital Bryn Mawr project work into the internship program we supervise, or help faculty and staff applicants hire, train, and supervise student interns for a specific project.