Students with laptops in a classroom learning

College Transition Courses

Transitioning to Bryn Mawr

Bryn Mawr students are expected to complete the school’s college transition course known as, THRIVE during their first-year at Bryn Mawr. Through Breaking Barriers, we offer two course options that students may choose from to fulfill the THRIVE requirement. Both courses provide scholars the opportunity to learn about the transition to college with peers who are also part of the Breaking Barriers community.

Image of students in FGLI Thrive
Breaking Barriers Scholars organizing their own Values chart in FGLI Thrive.

Metacognition: A semester-long academic course that applies the FGLI student experience to components of the THRIVE curriculum and includes an added focus on understanding one’s learning and thought process. Students will also earn 2 PE credits and 0.5 academic credits. The course is taught by Reggie Jones, Associate Dean of Health & Wellness.

FGLI THRIVE: An 8-week course that covers the THRIVE curriculum and engages in thoughtful discussions going over the college student experience as a FGLI student. Students earn 2 PE-credits. The course is taught by Leslie Castrejon, Assistant Dean for Student Support & Belonging.