Past Offerings and Opportunities

FGLI Workshops

In 2019, FGLI Fridays workshops were created to help provide additional resources on specific topics that FGLI students have expressed interest in participating. Continue to look out for more similar workshops in the future.

Fall 2019

Nov. 8, 2019
Faculty and Staff Share Their Stories


  • Lauren Restrepo, Assistant Professor of Growth and Structure of Cities
  • Veronica Montes, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Co-Director of Latin American, Iberian, and Latina/o Studies
  • Jennifer Devine, Major Gifts Officer, Alumnae/i Relations and Development
  • Doanh Wang, Head Coach, Bryn Mawr Tennis

Nov. 15, 2019
FAFSA/CSS Profile Workshop



Staff members from the Financial Aid Office

Nov. 22, 2019
Crunch Time Workshop


  • Rachel Heiser, Assistant Dean and Director of Academic Support Services
  • Valeria Aguilera Avila '20, THRIVE mentor, Sociology major
  • Billie Mwangi '20, Peer mentor, Economics and International Studies major
  • Jess DeJoie '20, Quantitative Center mentor, Physics and Math major

1vyG Conferences

Since 2019, BMC has provided funding for students to participate in the 1vyG Conference, a three day program allowing FGLI students from various colleges to come together to share experiences, build their network, and receive mentorship advice from professionals.