Summer 2021 Opportunities

The Career & Civic Engagement Center team curated a variety of resources listed under each of the headings below. Whether it's learning a new skill, perusing some of our favorite articles, engaging in your community, or exploring your career path, these resources are sure to help fill the time until we see you again in Fall 2021. This is not an exhaustive list of all that is available to you through the Center, so continue checking Handshake, and of course reach out to us if you have any questions (see the Have Questions section for how to do that).  We are here for you! You Got This!


Don’t know where to direct your question?

Start with an email or call to Brittney Chan, 610-526-6523! Brittney can get you an answer to your question. Learn more about all the Career & Civic Engagement team members here.


You can schedule a new appointment with a Career & Civic Engagement team member by clicking on “Career Center” (upper right-hand corner) in Handshake. Please indicate whether you would like to meet over the phone, Zoom, or Skype and provide the phone number or Skype name at which to contact you. If you choose Zoom a link will be sent to you.


PLEN x Women in Government Relations: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Summit 

PLEN is partnering with Women in Government Relations (WGR) to bring their 2nd Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Summit to our students. PLEN participants will not only gain access to all 3 days of WGR's programming and networking events but also 2 bonus days of exclusive PLEN programming, PLUS a year-long membership to WGR. This will take place starting July 19th to 23rd. RSVP here on Handshake to receive full funding from the Center to participate. 
EdX:  Storytelling for Social Change Course Career & Civic Engagement Center is offering 20 paid spots in this self-paced course.  Contact Katie Krimmel for your code. Use stories to deliver messages that affect people. Learn how to craft a story that develops empathy and delivers impact.  Click here for more details.
EdX:  Introduction to Marketing Course Career & Civic Engagement Center is offering 15 paid spots in this self-paced course.  Contact Katie Krimmel for your code. An introduction to the role of marketing in a competitive marketplace.  Click here for more details.
Android course for BMC Students This spring, will offer a Free Android Development course for any Bryn Mawr College student who has already taken Intro to Object Oriented Programming.  The Andriod course features 12 weeks of intense, project-focused Android training inspired by their professional developer boot camps and facilitated by CodePath-trained Teaching Assistants.  This is a great opportunity to gain real-world experience and prepare for internships!  Register now and use the break to complete any available pre-work in preparation for the spring course.  All material is free to students.  The spring course will meet 1-2 times/week for 12 weeks and involves ~10 hours/week commitment.  Upon course completion, students can participate in Demo Day to showcase their apps.  All who complete the course are eligible for CodePath’s internship matching program. Sign-up to Register here.
Self-Study: Changing Systems, Change Ourselves Course

Do you want to join a community of people of faith and conscience committed to taking action as well as practicing reflection? Are you seeking ways to offer grounded solidarity that don't reproduce oppressive practices?  Enroll in this course to learn more.

GIS Basics Course

GIS allows people to visualize and analyze data to help solve spatial problems and make smarter decisions. In this course, learn the fundamental components and capabilities of GIS and discover how ArcGIS can help organizations address business needs.  Click here for more details.

The International Advantage’s “Get Hired” course for International Students

In this course, you will learn data-driven and tested job search strategies that were specially designed to tilt the balance in favor of international students who seek U.S. jobs or internships.  This course is for you if you are an ambitious international student (F-1 visa) seeking jobs or internships in the U.S. via OPT, CPT or H-1B.  Let us be your guide!  (Email to receive a code to take it for free.  Or, apply for a Career Engagement mini-grant to reimburse the $79 fee!)

Forté Foundation Career Ready Certificate

Bryn Mawr is a sponsoring school, so this is available to all current students. What is the Forté Foundation? A non-profit consortium of leading companies and top schools working together to launch women into fulfilling, significant careers through access to business education, opportunities, and a community of successful professionals.  What is the Career Ready Certificate? A free online career accelerator for undergraduate women of all majors at 45+ Forté partner schools. Work through a self-guided roadmap of activities at your own pace, and earn points to earn a Forté Career Ready Certificate.  How do I access this resource?

  • Click here
  • Hover over “Programs,” and click ‘Undergrad Rising Stars’
  • Click ‘Join for Free’
  • Fill Out the Form
  • Click: Become a Member
  • Once you’ve set up the account, you should have access to the Forté Foundation Career Ready Certificate


ICME Summer Workshops 2021 | Fundamentals of Data Science

ICME's (Institute for Computational & Mathematical Engineering) 6th annual Summer Workshop Series will offer a variety of virtual data science and AI courses, taught live via Zoom by world-renowned Stanford faculty and Stanford-affiliated instructors. Learn more and register here. Workshop fees are $75 per student. Please email Brittney Chan about reimbursement offered by the Center.

How to Prepare for a Virtual Interview Workshop

Learn tips on how to prepare for a virtual interview.

Grad School 101 w/Don Martin Workshop

Learn tips and advice from renowned graduate school admissions speaker, Don Martin.

Senior Job Search Workshop

Job search strategies for Seniors, addressing current job market realities.

Building Empathy in a Fractured World Workshop

Join social neuroscientist and popular author Jamil Zaki to explore how anyone can build empathy to improve their lives, relationships, and even our culture. Levels of empathy are eroding in society, which likely contributes to growing conflict and tribalism. Fortunately, it's possible to build our empathy muscles to help stem this negative tide. Empathy in action can change our professional, creative, and personal relationships for the better with simple strategies you can start implementing in your own life. Click here for this one-hour webinar.  

The Multiplier Effect: How The Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter Workshop

New York Times best selling author and leadership expert Liz Wiseman explores the five disciplines that distinguish the very best leaders (Multipliers) from the very worst (Diminishers). These can be learned by anyone, even the most calcified Diminishers. If you're looking to improve your personal leadership skills and better understand why some teams thrive while others falter then you won't want to miss this webinar. Click here for this one-hour webinar.  

Negotiate Anything: How to Find Confidence in Conflict Workshop

This webinar is designed to make difficult conversations easier and give you the confidence needed to overcome fear, frustration, and anxiety. In addition, this session will help you to use the Compassionate Curiosity Framework in order to communicate confidently, deal with difficult people, and get what you deserve. Learn how to have critical conversations; create trust and understanding; how to interject managed conflict into high level discussions; how to avoid critical mistakes that stifle communication and create hostility; and how to approach every interaction as a strategic opportunity for future success. The webinar was presented by Kwame Christian, Director of the American Negotiation Institute and host of the most popular negotiation podcast in the world, Negotiate Anything. As an attorney and mediator, Kwame brings a unique multidisciplinary approach to making difficult conversations easier. Click here for this one-hour webinar

Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem: Dismantling the Impostor Syndrome Workshop

Have you ever had the feeling that you didn't really know what you were doing, and it was just a matter of time before someone realized it and exposed you as a fraud? This painful feeling is known as the Imposter Syndrome and it has been experienced by more than 70% of people at one time or another. This webinar explores the Imposter Syndrome, it's possible biological underpinnings, and offers concrete steps to help overcome this fear that is all to common among top performers. The webinar was presented by Olivia Fox Cabane, best-selling author of the Charisma Myth and co-founder of Kind Earth.Tech. Click here for this one-hour webinar.  

Show Up + Show Out: Communication Habits to Make You Unforgettable Workshop

You see others showing up in life and owning who they are. They have a certain walk and a certain air about them and appear to be the most amazing and most confident people! How do they do it?!  This webinar shows you how to take control of how you show up at work and in life every day. You will learn the four pillars of communication that determine your overall effectiveness and how well your image and message leave a memorable impression on others. You will also learn how to go from being ordinary to extraordinary and get practical action items that you can turn into habits that position you to show up and show out in business and in life. The webinar was presented by Bridgett McGowen, an award-winning international professional speaker, a publisher, and popular business author. Click here for this one-hour webinar.  

Search for Internships on Handshake Tutorial

Quick Tutorial of Online Resources: In 2 minutes or less, gain tips on how to search for internships on Handshake!

Search for Remote Jobs in Handshake Tutorial

Quick Tutorial of Online Resources: In 2 minutes or less, gain tips on how to search for remote jobs in Handshake!

Search for Alums by Location on Mawrter Connect Tutorial

Quick Tutorial of Online Resources: In 2 minutes or less, gain tips on how to search for alumnae/i by location on Mawrter Connect!

Search for Alums on LinkedIn Tutorial

Quick Tutorial of Online Resources: In 2 minutes or less, gain tips on how to search for BMC alumnae/i on LinkedIn!

Mawrter Connect vs. LinkedIn Tutorial

Quick Tutorial of Online Resources: In 2 minutes or less, learn the differences between two major ways to find alumnae/i: Mawrter Connect and LinkedIn!

Spotlight on Careers Tutorial

Quick Tutorial of Online Resources: In 2 minutes or less, gain tips on how to navigate Spotlight on Careers, one of our most popular resources!

Navigating Vault Tutorial

Quick Tutorial of Online Resources: In 2 minutes or less, gain tips on how to navigate, one of our most popular resources!

Graduate School Tips Tutorial

Quick Tutorial of Online Resources: In 2 minutes or less, gain tips on how to search for and apply to graduate schools!


Self-Assessments offered by the Career & Civic Engagement Center              

Assessment tools are one way to learn more about yourself. While no assessment provides an exact formula, the personalized data that the tools offer can help you identify and explore your own preferences, behaviors, and styles.

Career & Civic Engagement Center Online Resources

Access our online resources for job and career databases (click on “secure page” and use password: traditions) and industry information for additional links to job and internship sites. Plus, check out the sample resumes and cover letters and guides to help you get started and our identity specific career diversity resources.

Graduate School Resources

There are many online resources available to you for searching graduate programs, exploring financial aid and ways to finance your study, as well as test preparation.

Student Connection Pathway in Mawrter Connect

Do you want to network with alums but don't know where to begin or what to say? Try the Connection Success Pathway in Mawrter Connect! You'll learn helpful tips and tricks for how to effectively request and have an informational interview — as well as how to send a professional follow-up. And the best news is: you'll be able to find a mentor directly on the platform! Log in to Mawrter Connect, then go to the Connection Success Pathway on your Home screen.

AESOP Virtual Learning Program – Project Management 101

Whether you are seeking a fast-track to managerial roles or planning to lead a project, product, or program early-on, project management is a different discipline than developing technical skills. To lead a project from initiation to completion requires tactful soft-skills combined with the project management methods of coordination, organization, prioritization and diligence to deliver a project / program / product on schedule and on budget. Starting with an introduction to Project Management, students will cover:

  • Importance and Functions of Project Management
  • How to Define and Clearly Document Project Requirements
  • Establishing What is Needed to Deliver the Vision
  • Understanding Processes, Tools, and Methods to Efficiently Manage a Project
  • Delivery Roadmap, KANBAN Task Alignment, and Tracking Progress to Goals
  • Key Ingredients for Project Success, and Commons Pitfalls to Avoid

Register here on Handshake.

EdX Access to Select Courses

Career & Civic Engagement Center has partnered with EdX to offer access to select courses through July 31, 2021.  Contact Katie Krimmel for your access code.  Link for more details coming soon!

LinkedIn Learning

Use your Bryn Mawr single sign on to access thousands of free courses to develop your skills! A LinkedIn account is not required!  Check out this list of options put together by Bryn Mawr students.

Podcast: WorkLife with Adam Grant

"You spend a quarter of your life at work. You should enjoy it! Organizational psychologist Adam Grant takes you inside the minds of some of the world's most unusual professionals to discover the keys to a better work life." Listen here to these 30-60 minutes podcasts.
Open Culture 

This collection features free lessons and practice materials in 48 languages, including Spanish, French, English, Mandarin, Italian, Russian, ASL, and more. Stream or download audio lessons and you're good to go.

GIS Training: Esri's MOOC Program

Online courses on how to apply geography for a better world.  Click here to see what is available.

Free Workshops by General Assembly  

General Assembly is offering free workshops -- from coding, to data and marketing, to UX design and career development, explore the tech skills that will keep you in demand and in the know. Click here to see what is available.

ABA Law Student Podcast

From the American Bar Association, stay informed with this made-for-students podcast!

PreLaw Resource: AccessLex

An online suite of lessons and resources, including scholarship support worksheets and free financial coaching calls with an Accredited Financial Counselor.

Trust Yourself: Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions for Success at Work 

Have you been told that you take criticism too personally? Do you judge yourself too harshly? We are taught to hide our emotions for fear of being perceived as “unprofessional.” But the truth is that the traits associated with highly sensitive individuals—empathy, self-awareness, critical thinking, communication, and intuition—are the “soft skills” that will be the most valuable in the workplace of the future. Melody Wilding, LMSW is the author of Trust Yourself: Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions for Success at Work. View the resource here.
The Unspoken Rules: The Secret to Starting Your Career Off Right You got the job! Now what? Succeeding in your career requires more than book smarts and technical skills. It takes mastery of the unspoken rules—specific ways of doing things that managers expect but don’t explain and that top performers do but don’t realize. Knowing these rules will set you up for success—and help you navigate professional dilemmas. Gorick Ng is the author of the forthcoming book, The Unspoken Rules: Secrets to Starting Your Career Off Right. He is a career adviser specializing in coaching first-generation, low-income students. He has managed new employees during his time at the Boston Consulting Group and is also a researcher with the Managing the Future of Work project. View the resource here.


Alumnae/i Informational Interviews

Students of all class years are invited to sign up for one-on-one informational interviews with alumnae/i over Winter Break. In lieu of the Extern Program, alumnae/i have volunteered to host virtual conversations with students to help explore career paths. Sign up here in Handshake.

Informational Interviews

Conduct informational interviews with family, friends, alums, faculty, staff, etc. Use this helpful guide to plan and keep track of your conversations!

Review the Networking Guide

Find ideas on how to connect, including sample correspondence!  Also includes tips on informational interviewing!


Elivade is a career community for people of color. Join thousands of diverse professionals and peers, and Elivade, in sharing resources, career opportunities, and networking opportunities.

Mawrter Connect

Create your profile to reach out to alums via email and request virtual conversations about their career and educational experiences. Over 1,270 alums are part of this online community!


Create your profile and join Bryn Mawr groups, Bryn Mawr College Alumnae/i & Students LinkedIn Group and for those graduating in 2021, you can join Bryn Mawr College Alumnae/i & Students LinkedIn Group starting January 1, 2021. Don’t have a profile? Here are some tips for building a great student profile


Job/Internship Applications

Thousands of organizations are hiring!  Handshake is a robust resource for those seeking job and internship opportunities. You can also access additional online job and career databases (click on “secure page” and use password: traditions).

500 Companies Hiring Students on Handshake Right Now

Discover popular employers that are actively hiring college students on Handshake today.  Use the search bar to explore the list based on company name, industry, and location. Then, log into Handshake to find opportunities available specifically for you.

Mock Interviews

Sign-up for a Mock Interview in Handshake!

How to Prepare for a Skype Interview

Access the Vault Guide's video "How to Prepare for a Skype Interview"

Information Sessions

Many employers are offering their info sessions virtually. Check out Handshake Events for details.

Find Remote Work Opportunities

Visit our curated list of sites to help you find remote work opportunities.

Idealist: Jobs, Volunteering, Grad Schools, and More

Idealist connects millions of idealists – people who want to do good – with opportunities for action and collaboration all over the world.


American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is facing a blood shortage and is seeking donations. Use the link to see how you can help in your community.

Support local food banks.  Many communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic are working to help families facing food insecurity.   Check this link to learn more about how to connect with your local food bank or to coordinate a virtual or physical food drive.

Boys & Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Club of America is providing children and families in need with food donations. Check to see if there is a local club or similar program in your area.

First Book

Education gives children and adults the confidence to dream. Organizations such as First Book are raising funds to provide books to children who do not have home internet services.

Meals on Wheels America

This national organization provides nutritional meals for vulnerable community members.  Learn about volunteer opportunities with Meals on Wheels in your community.


This tool provides information about how you can get involved in your area through a wide range of volunteer opportunities including both in-person and remote options.

Learn more about your own elected officials 

Write letters to them urging them to take action to enact legislation and policy changes you believe in.

Connect with women all over the globe via World Pulse

Share stories, offer support, and creating social change through connection.

Catchafire Search volunteer projects worldwide where you can contribute and gain substantial skills.

UN Volunteers

Volunteer online in support of United Nations entities and partners.

Amnesty Decoders

Join a global network of digital volunteers to help research and expose human rights violations.

Help Support LGBTQ Equality Join the Human Rights Campaign to promote LGBTQ equality
Register to Vote! The next election is always right around the corner!  Learn more about the voter registration process and the options available to you as a college student by visiting the Career & Civic Engagement Center's Voting Information webpage!


From Charity Towards a Social Justice Paradigm: Critical Consciousness Through Service-Learning     

Read more here.

Building GIS Capacity for Chronic Disease Surveillance 

This project builds GIS capacity within state and local health departments for the surveillance and prevention of heart disease, stroke and other chronic diseases.  Read more here.

How to Get Involved with Virtual Volunteering

Read this article for more information on how to volunteer virtually! Read more here

Talking About Race: Being Anti-Racist

"To create an equal society, we must commit to making unbiased choices and being anti-racist in all aspects of our lives." Read more here.

The Devastation of Black Wall Street

"Tulsa, Oklahoma.1921. A wave of racial violence destroys an affluent African American community, seen as a threat to White dominated American capitalism." Read more here.

Who's Freezing Hiring from Coronavirus

This 100% user-generated list contains real-time updates about organizations that are freezing hiring due to the pandemic. Read more here.

How Leading Employers are Adapting Their Internship Programs in this COVID-19 World

This YouTube video includes a panel of college recruiters sharing their perspectives on internship hiring during COVID-19. Watch here.

How to Build an Amazing LinkedIn Profile [15+ Proven Tips]

Take some time this winter break to create or update your professional presence online! Read more here.

COVID-19: Job Market Insights & Job Search Strategies from Experts

Provides a breadth of perspectives, ideas, and hope for successfully finding employment during the pandemic. Read more here.

Handshake Blog: Get Hired Remotely

As more employers recruit college students online, Handshake has the tools you need to go from job search to just hired. Read more here.

7 Ways a Summer Job Benefits You and Your Resume

A summer job is a great way of earning a much-needed income while developing skills and building a professional network. Read more here.

The 3 Must-Haves on Your Handshake Profile

What you should add to your profile today to help you get the job you want. Read more here.

How Will a Biden Presidency Affect International Students' Job Search?

Gather some positive perspectives in this article from Vault. Read more here.

How to Get the Job or Internship You Want

Follow these easy steps to finding the right jobs and getting hired on Handshake. Read more here.


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