When to See Your Dean

Over the course of your first year, you will see your dean several times, starting with the summer before you arrive. During the summer you will meet your dean during group advising and will have an opportunity to schedule a one-on-one Zoom meeting later in the summer. After Orientation, there’s the opportunity to meet with your dean to confirm your course schedule and check in about settling into campus. You will also meet with your dean after Fall Break to check in about how the semester is going and prepare your course schedule for the spring semester. To ensure that you and your dean have the chance to engage in a substantive conversation about your emerging interests, goals, concerns, and question, you will be asked to complete a series of reflection questions before these longer meetings as part of scheduling the meetings. 

In addition to these required advising meetings, many first-year students will make appointments with their dean at other times to discuss a range of topics related to their life at Bryn Mawr. 

Especially early in your time here, please think of your dean as someone who knows at least a little about you, a lot about Bryn Mawr wants to support you in your interests, goals, and overall collegiate experience. Sometimes, all your dean does is listen and then connect you to another campus resource, expanding your support network, but this too is an important part of the dean-advisee relationship.