Request for Dean Change

Most students will have the same dean throughout their time at Bryn Mawr, The deans work hard to build positive and effective working relationships with every student assigned to them. Students are equal participants in this relationship.

We encourage each student to invest some time in building a relationship with their dean. To start, take advantage of your dean's invitations to meet and set up additional meeings yourself. To prepare, think about what you want your dean to know about you and what you want to know about your dean. Keep in mind that sometimes a student may very quickly feel comfortable working with their dean, while others may find it takes more time.

Very occasionally, a situation may arise where, to take advantage of the advising and support offered by the Dean's Office, a student feels they need to be reassigned to a different dean. Students who have completed one full semester at the college can initiate a request via this form.

After You Submit Your Form

Your form will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the advising deans chaired by Associate Dean Michelle Mancini, whose responsibilities include oversight of day-to-day advising operations. If the committee has follow-up questions, a member of the committee will be in touch with you to set up a meeting. If your dean is on the committee, they will recuse themselves. Please be aware that the basic reasons for your request will be shared with your dean. When school is in sessions, you should hear back from the committee within one to two weeks.