International Travel Insurance Detail

The College is focused on ensuring our faculty, staff and students who are traveling on College-related business remain safe and are as prepared as possible for the range of events that might present themselves. The College is also obligated as a condition of its insurance policies to provide an annual report of all travel outside the United States and to pre-notification for travel to certain countries. The College is also obligated by Federal regulation to submit documentation related to any expenditures, including travel-related, to certain international destinations.

Given the above, faculty, staff and graduate students traveling outside the United States on College-related business (with or without accompanying undergraduate students) should take the following steps well in advance of the scheduled departure date:

  • Complete and return the international travel insurance enrollment form. The Treasurer's Office will let you know if the proposed travel location is prohibited by insurance. [Note: Graduate students also need to complete the International Travel Registry/Planning Form at least 60 days prior to the proposed departure date. The College hopes to convert to a standardized online travel registry system international travel for students, faculty and staff during the 2018-19 academic year.]
  • Create an emergency preparedness plan that documents local resources to which you will have access and how to draw upon those resources; a sample/template is provided here but it should be supplemented with additional elements that might be helpful given in the particular travel planned.
  • Log into the College's insurance company travel portal. This portal can assist in completing the emergency preparedness document. It also is a communication tool that will alert travelers if/when the insurance company becomes aware of any issues of concern in the region in which the travel is occurring.
  • Enroll in the State Department's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).
  • Distribute the completed emergency preparedness plan well in advance of the travel departure date to (1) your primary on-campus contact, (2) Alice Lesnick as the Faculty Convener for International Programs, (3) Lil Burroughs in Campus Safety and (4) Kari Fazio in the Treasurer's Office.

Upon receipt of your emergency preparedness plan, you will be sent a current insurance ID card with the policy number and a phone number at which a representative will be available at all times (24/7) as well as important information about the coverage and types of services available through the policy.

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