Global Bryn Mawr Mission

Global Bryn Mawr Mission Statement: Bryn Mawr approaches global learning with a commitment to integrating study, action and reflection. Bryn Mawr’s curriculum and community—inside and outside of the classroom—seek to engage with the complexity, specificity and interdependence of global experience.

The Global Bryn Mawr Office coordinates and communicates the College's global engagement in the arenas of learning, community, and infrastructure. The College takes a collaborative, interdisciplinary, institution-wide approach to global learning, on and off campus. Integral to this approach is an institution-wide network of committees comprised of faculty and staff members that, led by the Associate Dean for Global Engagement, work with departments across the College to prioritize, support, manage, incubate, and communicate international and intercultural activities.

Global Capacities for Student Learning

We believe that developing global consciousness is one of the cornerstones of an undergraduate liberal arts education. Whether students major in the humanities, social sciences, or sciences, a profound awareness of global issues—e.g., climate change, inequalities, and migration trends, to name but a few—is critical to their development, both during their years at the College and afterwards, as a global citizen. Learning the language of the nations and peoples involved, developing familiarity with their cultural norms, and interacting with them through internships, service projects, study abroad, and in the classroom, are all critical steps to achieving such effective engagement. In this way, the capacities are woven through every facet of global learning at Bryn Mawr College.