Our Services

In order to empower students to navigate their way toward greater autonomy and effectiveness, we provide emotional support, the development and enhancement of life skills, and encourage self-reflection. In our role as consultants to the greater campus community, we work with students and colleagues to promote an informed, prepared, and safe community. 

Counseling Services provides brief assessments, short-term counseling, psycho-educational groups and workshops, crisis intervention, case management, mediation, outreach, advocacy, psychiatric medication evaluation and management, and referral services for BMC students.

Making an Appointment 

You can now schedule certain appointments through the Patient Portal! You can also schedule an appointment by calling the Health and Wellness Center 610-526-7360. When you make an appointment, the receptionist will not ask you for details about why you are seeking help. They will schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible. Our goal is to see students within a week, but appointment wait times vary depending on the time within the semester. Students experiencing emergencies will be seen immediately. Counselors are assigned according to availability. Students may request a particular counselor, but our ability to accommodate these requests will depend on scheduling.  

After-Hours Support

If you need immediate support and would like to speak to an on-call counselor, please call 610-526-7778

Brief Assessments  

All currently enrolled BMC undergraduate, graduate, and post-bac students can meet with a counselor for a 30-minute brief assessment. During this meeting, the student and counselor will discuss the student's needs and identify a range of options best suited to meet the stated needs. Schedule a brief assessment through the Patient Portal! 

Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication 

If a student believes they might benefit from an additional evaluation by a psychiatrist, they can make an appointment to see one of the psychiatrists by calling or coming to the Health and Wellness Center. If their counselor believes they would benefit from an additional evaluation by a psychiatrist, this will be discussed during their counseling session. When meeting with the psychiatrist, they will discuss the student’s concerns, symptoms, and may offer additional treatment options, including medication and possible community referral.  

Case Management

Case Management services are available to assist students with accessing community referrals and for help navigating the United Health Care student insurance portal. Schedule a Case Management appointment through the Patient Portal! 

On-campus and Off-campus Referrals 

  • Individual Therapy 
  • Group Therapy 
  • Workshops 
  • Specialized services 

Dorm Leadership Team (DLT) Consults 

Student leaders may request to schedule a confidential student consult with a staff counselor for support handling any situations related to their DLT role.  


MySSP provides confidential 24/7 remote mental health and well-being support to all enrolled Bryn Mawr students via the MySSP App. Students are able to access self-directed digital content including self-assessments for depression, anxiety, and substance use. Students can also connect with masters level counselors via chat or by phone. This program is free and aims to support well-being and retention at BMC. App language settings available in: English, Spanish, French, Korean, Arabic, Mandarin & Cantonese (Simplified Chinese chat). Watch this short video or download this flyer to learn more about MySSP. 

  • Download the MySSP app: Apple App Store | Google Play
  • Students can also access the service 24/7 by calling 1-844-451-9700

Healthiest You

If you have not opted out of the BMC insurance (UnitedHealthcare) you can login to the UHCSR portal (firststudent.com) to access free online counseling services through Healthiest You. Note: When you sign up for Healthiest You, make sure you choose to sign up using your insurance UnitedHealthcare ID # so that your sessions are 100% covered! Even if you do not have the school insurance, telehealth services are available for a fee — go to firststudent.com or download this flyer for more information.

Why See a Counselor?

Counseling isn't only for mental health conditions. Common concerns of students who visit the Health and Wellness Center for counseling include:

  • Procrastination
  • Body image 
  • Self-esteem
  • Loneliness/disconnection
  • Disillusionment
  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Intimate relationships, including abuse
  • Trouble with interpersonal relationships or roommate issues
  • Family issues
  • Eating concerns
  • Anger
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender identity
  • Cultural or ethnic concerns
  • Substance use concerns