Shipley School Tuition Discount

The Shipley School, which is Bryn Mawr’s immediate neighbor on Yarrow Avenue, has initiated a policy to offer a 15 percent tuition discount applicable to Bryn Mawr College faculty and staff. The 15 percent discount is off the applicable tuition for children enrolled in grades 1 through 12. This benefit is being offered to faculty and staff who have a full-time equivalent status as of September 1 of the applicable year of .50 or higher. Shipley will also waive the $50 application fee for eligible Bryn Mawr College employees.

The College is not endorsing The Shipley School in announcing this policy nor does the College have any role or influence in the Shipley School’s application process. The only role that Bryn Mawr College will have in the process is posting the availability of this benefit on the Human Resources website and by providing The Shipley School with confirmation of employee work status and level upon request. Any questions regarding this policy and Shipley in general should be directed to Amy Clemons, Director of Enrollment at The Shipley School.  Amy’s phone number is 610-525-4300, ext. 4183.

Below is what the 2019-2020 tuition would be at The Shipley School with the 15 percent discount. Please note that the discount may be offset by other financial aid that is being provided to the student and the discount does not apply to any non-tuition expenses, including after-school programs. Please also note that while Shipley has expressed the intent to continue this tuition discount into future years, all decisions regarding the continuation of this policy are made by Shipley and not by the College.

Pre-K:               $19,962
Kindergarten:    $22,937
Grades 1 to 2:   $25,827
Grades 3 to 5:   $27,753
Grades 6 to 8:   $30,732
Grades 9 to 12  $33,707