Community of Belonging

President Cassidy’s vision for Bryn Mawr includes a particular focus on community. Her presidency has brought a new and renewed focus on campus life as it is experienced by students, as well as by staff and faculty. She has said: "Let us take every opportunity to inject creativity and joy into what we do, to counter the pressures of perfectionism, to help our students’ intellects and imaginations flourish and to let excitement and discovery thrive – to the betterment of us all, and to the world our graduates will help transform." An essential value of the Bryn Mawr community is a respect for and appreciation of the diversity of its members; the College’s ongoing efforts to foster an inclusive community are articulated in our working approach to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism.

Fellowship, recreation, and celebration of both individual and collective accomplishments are highlighted during all-campus gatherings like the monthly Coffee Hours or Presidential PopUps and opportunities for recognition and appreciation such as the McPherson Award for Excellence and the Senior Staff Award.

Attending to the goal of supporting women in developing a broad skill set for lifelong well-being and success, Bryn Mawr has envisioned wellness as encompassed by integrated medical and counseling services; a re-imagined wellness course, THRIVE, for new students that promotes the development of resourceful, reflective and resilient students; and an extracurricular life comprised of robust offerings in athletics and engaging student activities in the areas of the arts, civic engagement, and clubs of all kinds.

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