Enid Cook '31 Center

The Enid Cook '31 Center (ECC) is a Black Cultural Center and residence. It was renovated and dedicated in Fall 2015. Operating as both a dorm and cultural center, the ECC is a vibrant hub of activity supporting and celebrating the Black and Latinx BMC student community. The ECC is open to members of Sisterhood*, BACaSO, Mujeres* and Zami+, as well as to those students who identify as Black or Latinx. Returning students wishing to live at the ECC must submit applications each Spring. First year students have the option to apply over the summer. For more information about the ECC as a cultural center, please visit The Impact Center for Community, Equity, and Understanding’s webpage.

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Residential Life

Eugenia Chase Guild Hall
Lower Level
Phone: 610-526-7331

Hours: M-F 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.