Payment Plan

Bryn Mawr College partners with Nelnet Business Solutions to offer a payment plan in order to provide the flexibility to pay over the semester through automatic monthly payments. Please visit for more information.

Enrollment Instructions


  • Log onto BiONiC
  • Go to Financial Information
  • Select "View Account and Make Payment" from the menu
  • Please note that this will open up a new window. If Nelnet does not open, check to make sure pop-up blockers are disabled or that Bionic is added as a trusted site.
  • Click on “Set Up a Payment Plan.”
  • Follow instructions to enroll in the monthly payment plan.

Authorized Parties

  • Click on the link in the billing notification email or click here:
  • Enter username and password.
  • Click on "Set Up a Payment Plan" and follow the instructions.

Payment Plan Tips 

  • Payment plans can be set up for less then the full amount due on the student account if needed by editing the amount when signing up for the plan.
  • Anticipated aid is already included in the amount due. 
  • Payments are automatic and the due date can not be changed.
  • If the payment plan is out of balance, a message will show below the amount due indicating the payment plan is either more or less then the amount due and can be adjusted by clicking the link to adjust the payment plan.
  • Student Accounts periodically reviews payment plans and will send an email to students if the plan is out of balance and requires an adjustment. If Student Accounts decreases the payment plan, a message will be sent from Nelnet to the plan owner.

Availability of the payment plan is determined by Bryn Mawr College. Please be aware the college may elect not to have the payment plan available during specific times and dates during registration.


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