Student Engagement and New Student Programs Staff


MB Horvath (she/her)
Associate Dean of the Undergraduate College

Contact me for:

  • Club Sports
  • Club travel and off campus event requests and approval
  • College and departmental policies and procedures
  • Customs New Student Orientation
  • Traditions

Mia Harvey (She/Her/여성)
Student Engagement Coordinator

Contact me for: 

  • Activities & Orientation Assistants (AOA)
  • Club activities, events, and programs
  • Club purchase requests
  • Club registration
  • Contracts (clubs hiring outside performers and/or students)
  • Co-sponsoring Programs with Student Engagement & New Student Programs
  • Film requests
  • Party registration and training
  • Student engagement sponsored events and trips 
  • Student leadership training

Missy MacPherson (she/her)
New Student Programs Coordinator

Contact me for:

  • Alcohol and other drug training and education
  • Customs People (CP)
  • Fall Frolic
  • First-Year programs
  • Hazing education and training
  • Party registration and training
  • Student leadership training
  • Summer tutorials for the entering class
  • Summer communications to the entering class

Molly Davis
Graduate Assistant

Contact me for:

  • Party registration and training
  • Customs People (CP)
  • Activities & Orientation Assistants (AOA)

Emily Eldrige (they/them)
Administrative Assistant 

Contact me for:

  • Approved purchase requests
  • Approved contract and invoice Payments
  • DLT budget and Moodle inquiries
  • Game rentals
  • Reimbursement requests
  • Student Engagement & New Student Programs social media and website
  • Student club mid-semester contact update
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