Survivor's Bill of Rights

If you are sexually assaulted, you have basic rights and considerations as a crime victim (including but not limited to):

  • Have any allegations of sexual assault taken seriously and without any suggestion that survivors are responsible for sexual assault.
  • Be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of gender, gender identity, race, age, income level, physical abilities, cognitive abilities, or sexual, medical and mental health history.
  • Have timely access to emergency and crisis counseling services.
  • Be accompanied by an advocate while receiving victim services.
  • Be informed of legal rights and available resources.
  • Be informed of safety planning and protection services.
  • Be informed of appropriate follow-up treatment, medical testing and counseling.
  • Be notified of options for and assistance with changing academic and/or living situations if so requested and if such changes are reasonably available.
  • Have the College conduct a prompt and thorough investigation of the allegation, preserving the privacy of the survivor to the extent possible within the requirements of Title IX.
  • Be able to give testimony in a campus hearing by means other than being in the same room with the accused.
  • Have a support person present during campus disciplinary proceedings.
  • Be informed of the outcome of the sexual assault disciplinary proceedings.