"As an Italian major at Bryn Mawr College, I have come to see how wonderful Italian really is. The Italian Department is an asset to any student willing to learn about the Italian language as well as culture and literature studies. The language courses help you develop correct grammar and pronunciation skills – regardless of your level. The upper level courses, mostly literature courses, are an excellent way of exploring the different changes that have undergone in Italian literature, which reflect their culture as well. From the Renaissance to modern day literature, Bryn Mawr’s Italian Department has it all! The Department also offers cross-listed courses, so you don’t have to be a student of Italian to come check one of the classes out. With professors that really give their all in teaching and helping students feel comfortable inside and outside the classroom, they can be quickly seen as family. Studying Italian has been one of the best decisions I’ve done! If you have the opportunity of taking an Italian class, I would recommend you to do so." - Victoria Lopez