Career Peer

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her

Why I wanted to become a career peer:

I love helping people and I wanted to use the career development skills I have and am still learning to guide students in paving their career paths or even identifying one.

Highlights of your experience here at Bryn Mawr:

I love how close knit the Bryn Mawr community is while being so diverse. I feel like you can always find your niche here, but still go out of it and feel free meeting new people.

What resources/services from CPD/LILAC would you recommend to students?

Off the top of my head I would recommend the mock interviews. I must say they are a bit awkward at first but DEFINITELY beneficial. Like a wise man once said to me, a rule to pushing your comfort zone and growing as a person is to embrace the “awks” (awks= awkwardness). Fortunately, the CPD team is full of friendly faces so it’s more comfortable to get your foot in the door and take steps towards stellar interview skills.

Fun Fact:

I love reading, blogging and watching musicals. I am a big fan of food and love to try out new recipes/dishes.