What have done after graduating from Bryn Mawr?

After graduating, I took a year off where I was working as a Research Administrator at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. In August 2012, I attended dental school at Nova Southeastern University in Florida for four years, and I am now working as a dentist in Orlando, Fla.

How does math connect with your current occupation?

Math is an important part of my work when it comes to determining the right dosage for anesthesia. A calculation that is based on the patient's weight is necessary in order to administer a safe amount. 

How has your math experience at Bryn Mawr prepared you for your current position and life after Bryn Mawr?

The BMC Math Department gave me that sense of organization and devotion to work, which was extremely useful when I attended dental school. 

Which aspect(s) of the math major did you enjoy or find particularly useful?

I believe that any subject can be taught and appreciated depending on who teaches it. I was originally going to major in the field of biology, but because of the amazing faculty in the Math Department, I was asked to consider majoring in mathematics. I thus changed my mind and decided to major in math mostly because the faculty in that department were so wonderful. Therefore, the aspect of the math major that I enjoyed thoroughly was to be taught by such tremendous professors.

Do you have any memories of the Bryn Mawr Math Department that you would like to share with current students and/or prospective students?

One of my most fond memories of the Math Department was that I was able to take a math class with my little sister Jeanne (who is three years younger than me). I grew up in France, and this would be been an impossible task to be taking the same class with someone three years younger. The Math Department at BMC made it possible and it was one of my favorite memories!

Do you have any advice for current math majors?

My best advice would be to take advantage of the incredible faculty in this department. They are not only there for you for support, but they get to know you and they make themselves available at any convenient time for you. I remember struggling on a math problem and I went to meet with Professor Cheng on a Sunday night at 8 p.m.! I have never in my life met faculty who were so dedicated to the students that they would sacrifice their own weekend just to help you out! So to all the math majors at BMC, don't be scared to ask for help; you won't just get help in return, you'll also get to know your professors better and create amazing connections.