What have you done after graduating from Bryn Mawr?

After graduating from the A.B./M.A. program, I went on to GWU for a Ph.D. in Statistics. After finishing the Ph.D. in 2012, I moved to San Francisco to pursue a career as a data scientist in the tech industry. I am now a senior manager of sales strategy at Salesforce, which entails leading statistical analysis and forecasting projects, and disseminating the insights throughout the business.

How math does connect with your current occupation?

I do math every day, from business intelligence that helps decision makers gain critical insights, to machine learning that becomes data-driven features in the product.

How did your math experience at Bryn Mawr prepare you for your current position and life after Bryn Mawr?

I put the quantitative and problem solving skills that I learned at Bryn Mawr to work every day. Also, a key skill that BMC instilled in me is the ability to translate complex technical concepts into plain English for stakeholders throughout the company to understand. Most importantly, though, Bryn Mawr gave me a passion for what I do and encouraged me to pursue a career in Math.

Which aspect(s) of the math major did you enjoy or find particularly useful?

The professors were the best! They were not just teachers, but became mentors and friends. I fell in love with the subject because of the Bryn Mawr professors, went to grad school with the encouragement of my professors, and I’m now in the field because of their support.

Do you have any memories of the Bryn Mawr Math Department that you would like to share with current students and/or prospective students?

Professor Cookson explaining asymptotes by drawing a plot that started on the chalkboard and continued onto the wall. :)

Do you have any advice for current or prospective math majors?

Have fun! Math is a blast, and having a community to do math with is rare and special. Take advantage of all of the extracurricular math activities like career panels, the Distressing Math Collective, and summer programs like REUs!