What have you done after graduating from Bryn Mawr?

After graduating Bryn Mawr I've gone to UPenn to complete my master of science in engineering in nanotechnology as part of the 4+1 program.

How does math connect with your current occupation?

As a nanotechnology student, I use math everyday. Since it's an interdisciplinary field, sometimes I'll encounter types of problems I've never seen before. A strong math foundation from Bryn Mawr enables me to confidently approach these problems and solve them!

Do you have any advice for current or prospective math majors?

My advice to current or prospective math majors is to think broadly about what a math major can do. Virtually every industry has a place for a math major. There's no such thing as a typical math major, so never shy away from a passion or industry because you don't think a typical math major would pursue it.