What you have done after graduating from Bryn Mawr?

After graduating from Bryn Mawr College I worked in a podiatric medical office as a medical assistant for one year while I was studying for the MCATs and working on my applications for podiatric medical school. I now am a second-year podiatric medical student at the College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery at Des Moines University in the hopes of becoming a foot and ankle surgeon.  

How does math connect with your current occupation?

As a medical student I incorporate mathematics almost every day. For example, in my pharmacology course we learned how to derive/calculate a drug’s bioavailability, steady state, maintenance dose, loading dose. … I am also currently working on an educational research project involving statistics and probability.

How did your math experience at Bryn Mawr prepare you for your current position and life after Bryn Mawr?

I am often using my basic math knowledge to calculate drug doses and concentrations. In addition, understanding the core statistical concepts is crucial for analyzing medical literature. Knowledge of algebra is important to understand calculations of acid-base, for example, and interpret the results. Also, being a math major in general helped me establish excellent study habits which are now essential as a podiatric medical student.

Which aspects of the math major did you enjoy or find particularly useful?

My senior year at Bryn Mawr I worked on my thesis with Professor Cheng on the Mathematics of Medical Imaging. This is probably the one aspect of my math major that I enjoyed the most. Not only was this a wonderful research experience, but I truly enjoyed learning about the mathematics behind X-rays and MRIs, which are important tools that I will use on a daily basis. 

Do you have any memories of the Bryn Mawr Math Department that you would like to share with current students and/or prospective students?

One of my favorite math courses was Senior Conference. It was an amazing opportunity to learn about new mathematical concepts in a fun way. My favorite memory was when we took a group selfie the last day of senior conference.







Do you have any advice for current math majors?

The math department at Bryn Mawr College is amazing. My advice for current math majors is to take advantage of the wonderful resources that Bryn Mawr has to offer: talking to the professors, asking questions during lectures, going to office hours, and meeting with the TAs.