What have you done after graduating from Bryn Mawr?

Consumer and retail investment banking followed by fixed income research, with a focus on corporate bonds and preferred securities, at Janney Montgomery Scott in the Philadelphia headquarters.

How does math connect with your current occupation?

Both positions (current and past) have required an innate ability to understand how financial metrics connect and affect one another. Being able to understand the charts, graphs, and tables presented at macro and micro levels is a must. Probability and statistics play important roles in various aspects of financial modeling.

How did your math experience at Bryn Mawr prepare you for your current position and life after Bryn Mawr?

My math experience at Bryn Mawr honed in on my problem-solving skills, and allowed me to apply math to everyday situations. Certain classes in particular either directly applied to certain challenges I have encountered or have shaped indirectly the the way I assessed a scenario. My math background taught me to look at all angles of a problem.

What were aspects of the math major that you enjoyed or found particularly useful?

The ability to work closely with my classmates, professors, and TAs made my math experience more enjoyable. Everyone encouraged me to push my boundaries and helped build my confidence. Once I completed my major requirements, I felt as though I could tackle any problem.

Do you have any memories of the Bryn Mawr Math Department that you would like to share with current students and/or prospective students?

Although one of the largest departments during my time at Bryn Mawr, the Math Department seemed more team-oriented than any other departments. The departmental teas, the time spent working through problem sets, and the availability of the professors all contributed to my positive experience.

Do you have any advice for current math majors?

The world values math majors, particularly math majors from Bryn Mawr, so don't undersell yourself. Your math major will follow you in life and send a signal to the professional community that you are smart and capable.