What have you done after graduating from Bryn Mawr?

I was searching for a job for a year and even then, I did not graduate with a job. As an international student it was very difficult for me to find a job. After graduation, I got an internship as Digital Analyst at a small boutique full-service Ad Agency called The Spark Group. The internship turned into a job and I worked there for 1.5 years.

I am currently working at Engine’s Agency wing as Digital Media and Web Analyst for the last one year.  Since my time out of college, I have mostly worked in Full-Service ad agencies that focus on Digital Marketing. I am also as active organizer of Startup Weekend New York and have organized two events so far.  Currently I am pursuing a Masters in Data Science with my company’s help at Saint Peter’s University and working full time at the same time.

How does math connect with your current occupation?

My day to day work requires me to do a lot of data analysis and I have to be very analytical about everything.  It requires me to use data to solve real life business problems. These are all skills that I have learned through my math major.

How did your math experience at Bryn Mawr prepare you for your current position and for life after Bryn Mawr?

Curiosity: The digital marketing field is very new and it is changing rapidly. You always have to be willing to learn new things and be curious about everything around you even if it does not relate directly to your actual job.  My liberal arts education has definitely helped me to be open to learning what my colleagues do. Also, if you work at an ad agency, you would have to be open to learning about different industries in a short amount of time.

Be creative: Due to how new the industry is, most people are still figuring out the best way to solve different problems.  I often find myself trying to find the best way to do certain things with the tools available to me.

Good Communication skills: I have to communicate a lot with non-technical people and help them understand the value of using data in the work they do.  My time at Bryn Mawr taught me how to communicate effectively.

What aspects of the math major did you enjoy or find particularly useful?

Bryn Mawr really taught me how to be analytical and logical. I loved my Abstract Algebra classes. Writing and understanding math proofs really trains you to think logically which has helped me from making presentation slides to understanding codes. My Math Modeling and Econometrics classes have helped me understand how math/data can be used in real life scenarios.  Bryn Mawr’s math program, does not just teach you math but it also helps you improve your communication skills, which is a very valuable skill to have if you are working in a technical field.

Are there any memories of the Bryn Mawr Math Department that you would like to share with our current students and/or prospective students?

I miss the pie day celebration at the Bryn Mawr’s Math Department.

Do you have any advice for current math majors?

If you are thinking of joining industry, I would highly recommend learning a programming language specially R or Python. This can be through the Math Department or any other departments at Bryn Mawr. I was introduced to R though my Mathematical Modeling class and Econometrics class. I would also recommend taking some statistics classes. I still use a lot of the concepts I first learned while I was taking Econometrics. Having good communication skills has helped me in my career a lot so far, something that I have learned during my time at Bryn Mawr.  I would also suggest fixing your LinkedIn profile. I found my current job at Engine through a recruiter who reached out to me on LinkedIn. If you have just graduated, I would suggest joining a company that would let you have a lot of experience and exposure. At my first job out of college, I got to wear a lot of hats and it has been very helpful in finding out the things I like doing and has helped me be a better analyst.