“Looking back on my four years at Bryn Mawr, one of the pieces of my experience I appreciate most is how interdisciplinary it was. From my Anthropology major coursework to my participation in the first year of the Museum Studies program, the skills and knowledge I gained from both were transformative in more ways than I can express. I am entering a teaching position in the fall, but after taking both of Professor Scott's courses during the 2015-2016 school year, I have realized that I ultimately want to unite my undergraduate work in Anthropology and Education through a career in museums. The Museum Studies program was invaluable in that decision and my new-found passion for the field. Professor Scott is incredibly passionate about the program and that shines through to her work on the courses and her relationships with students. After assisting Professor Scott with a tea during the fall semester, it was clear that the program had gained, and continued to gain interest from students of all class years throughout the school year. I am eager to see how the program continues to grow and thrive.”