Professor Dianna Xu
Posted February 19th, 2018
Students are being recruited by Google, Apple, Microsoft, and other high-tech companies, as well as financial firms. Read more about "Generation CS" in The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Sofia Fenner
Posted February 7th, 2018
In a piece for The Washington Post's "Monkey Cage" blog, Fenner looks at the history and current influence of the New Wafd Party on Egyptian politics.
Inside Higher Ed Logo
Posted January 10th, 2018
The study analyzes the 1,658 job postings that the MLA listed in 2015-16 to look at the skills being sought by hiring departments.
Michelle Francl
Posted January 5th, 2018
"Raw Water," water that purports to come from a natural source and hasn't undergone any sort of treatment, is being sold as a healthier alternative to traditional spring water and tap water. Is it?
Assistant Professor of Social Work Carolina Hausmann-Stabile
Posted November 29th, 2017
“Many girls direct aggression that they have learned to use in their environments and resolve conflicts through their bodies," Hausmann-Stabile tells WHYY.
Michelle Francl
Posted November 28th, 2017
Chemistry's Michelle Francl is among the experts Chemical & Engineering News turned to for an article on the ways in which science can help us to "smell the past."
Posted November 28th, 2017
Erika Guadalupe Núñez '13, who graduated with a degree in fine arts from Haverford College, designed a poster to help residents know their rights when approached by local police or immigration agents.
New York Times logo
Posted November 27th, 2017
To men worried about sexual harassment in the office: Why not ask someone if something is OK with them before doing it?
inside higher ed logo
Posted November 9th, 2017
Providing a broad-based education in which digital skills are developed throughout the entire curriculum and a wide array of co-curricular experiences is key, write Bryn Mawr's president and CIO.
Michelle Francl
Posted November 3rd, 2017
Francl explains the chemical reaction and health implications from the fires at a flooded Texas chemical plant in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.