Associate Professor of Biology Thomas Mozdzer
Posted January 7th, 2020
A recent article by E&E News looks at the evolving opinions scientists and conservationists have of the evasive phragmites reed that came to the U.S. from Europe some 200 years ago.
Posted December 17th, 2019
News of her appointment was covered by both The Philadelphia Inquirer and the city's NPR affiliate, WHYY.
Michelle Francl
Posted September 24th, 2019
The Washington Post turns to Professor of Chemistry Michelle Francl to explain how the aerosol can became a small explosive device.
Posted September 5th, 2019
Shapiro discussed children's vulnerability to anxiety, ability to cope, and the effects of news coverage of shootings.
Posted July 2nd, 2019
The facilities were originally intended to detain adults for short periods of time but are now being used to house children for as long as two to three weeks.
Seung-Youn Oh on the BBC
Posted June 28th, 2019
Oh specializes in international relations and comparative politics in East Asia.
Posted May 24th, 2019
A new report from the National Women’s Law Center, written with Latina middle and high school students in Philadelphia, found that over half of the Latinas surveyed felt persistently sad and hopeless.
Notre-Dame Cathedral
Posted April 25th, 2019
"The building has been under constant renovation, with things removed, like gargoyles, or things added, like the steeple," says Lee.
Tsuda Umeko (class of 1890) studying in a dorm room
Posted April 9th, 2019
Umeko founded Tsuda University, one of the first private institutions of higher education for women in Japan.