Posted October 6th, 2021
"The Private Lives of Old Books" is on display through Dec. 17 in the Rare Book Room of Canaday Library. 
Posted October 5th, 2021
Ngalamulume is the author of 'Colonial Pathologies, Environment, and Western Medicine in Saint-Louis-du-Senegal, 1867-1920.'
Posted September 10th, 2021
Fioratta is a socio-cultural anthropologist whose research explores questions of mobility, belonging, personhood, and how people manage insecurity in everyday life.
Posted September 7th, 2021
Assistant Professor of Philosophy Thimo Heisenberg recently was invited to talk about his work on Hegel and the economy on the philosophy podcast "The Rabbit Hole."
Posted June 7th, 2021
Op-ed co-authored by social work's David S. Byers argues that barring L.G.B.T.Q.foster parents narrows the opportunity to provide a supportive home for L.G.B.T.Q children and adolescents.
Posted May 24th, 2021
Wilson appeared on the program "Washington Journal".
Posted May 12th, 2021
Wilson has conducted webinars and workshops about teaching in an anti-racist and decolonial way in about 10 schools since September.
Posted April 28th, 2021
Giammei is a former colleague of Lahiri’s and was an early reader of her latest book.
Posted March 11th, 2021
Hausmann-Stabile has more than a decade of experience working to improve Latino/a health and mental health across the U.S. and Latin America.