Posted July 7th, 2020
"Feelings often mess up our ability to make logical calculations about risk,” Schulz told the Utah "Desert News."
Aisha Soumaoro
Posted June 16th, 2020
Four years after listening to Michelle Obama's inspiring words at a Reach Higher college signing day event, Aisha Soumaoro '20, reflects on her experience at Bryn Mawr in a Forbes article.
Professor Mary Osirim
Posted April 22nd, 2020
Professor Osirim's research focuses on gender and development, economic sociology, immigration, race, ethnic relations, sociology of gender, and the family.
courtyard with child's play things
Posted April 16th, 2020
Lee and her partner, Andrea Borghini, chronicle what life has been like for their family in Italy as they quarantine with their child and Borghini's parents in the town of Viareggio.
Assistant Professor of Political Science Sofia Fenner
Posted April 8th, 2020
Fenner specializes in comparative politics and authoritarian politics.
Cap 110 memorial in Martinique
Posted February 19th, 2020
Suaudeau writes about his family's Jewish identity and the very different ways the French memorialize the crimes of the Holocaust and the crimes tied to slavery and the country's colonial past.
Gabrielle Farrell
Posted February 3rd, 2020
Farrell gives an hour-by-hour breakdown of five days on the campaign trail and her work coordinating news briefings and media access.
Associate Professor of Biology Thomas Mozdzer
Posted January 7th, 2020
A recent article by E&E News looks at the evolving opinions scientists and conservationists have of the evasive phragmites reed that came to the U.S. from Europe some 200 years ago.
Posted December 17th, 2019
News of her appointment was covered by both The Philadelphia Inquirer and the city's NPR affiliate, WHYY.
Michelle Francl
Posted September 24th, 2019
The Washington Post turns to Professor of Chemistry Michelle Francl to explain how the aerosol can became a small explosive device.