In October (prior to preregistration for spring), descriptions of 360s we anticipate offering in the following academic year will be posted to the 360 Upcoming Courses webpage.  Any prerequisites for courses will be indicated.

Whenever possible, 360s will be approved by Curriculum Committee by the beginning of the semester prior to the semester for which the 360 is planned.

In the month prior to preregistration, informational teas will be held by faculty for students interested in the 360s being offered the following semester.  Faculty will mention any enrollment criteria, such as preference given to majors, concentrators, seniors, etc.

Following the teas, applications will be made available to students via class listservs, the Tri-Co Course guide and the website.

Students must complete the Wufoo application by noon on the first Wednesday of preregistration.

Faculty will make decisions by Sunday afternoon (following the first week of preregistration).

Students will be notified of their status by the second Monday of preregistration at noon.

If accepted, students must confirm their intention to participate no later than the second Wednesday of preregistration at noon.

Accepted students who do not respond will be contacted (by email and phone), and given until Wednesday, 5 pm to respond.  Faculty will then consider waitlisted students.

If waitlisted, students must confirm their interest in remaining on the wait list by no later than the second Thursday of preregistration, noon. 

Waitlisted students will be notified as soon as a space becomes available, but no later than the end of the first week of classes in the semester the 360 is being offered.  Students will be pulled from the waitlist at faculty discretion.

The registrar will enroll Bryn Mawr students in all 360 courses following faculty decisions and student acceptances.  Haverford and Swarthmore students will confer with their home registrars to confirm their preregistration.