In an effort to shift focus toward a more scientific approach to renewable energy, this 2-course 360° gave students the opportunity to explore energy alternatives from a data-driven perspective. Using Bryn Mawr as a case study, participants researched various sources of cost-effective renewable energy sources in a seminar class. Their topics were influenced by a series of guest speakers (including various members of the BMC Facilities staff) and the issues discussed in the paired lecture-based Chemistry course. Donor support and 360° program funding allowed pursuit of actual implementation of final research projects.

Renewable Energy Courses:

Chemistry 206: Science of Renewable Energy

Jonas Goldsmith (Chemistry) taught this course, in which the chemistry and physics of renewable energy, including solar, wind, geothermal and others, were explored. Methodologies for energy storage were also discussed. Quantitative tools were developed to enable students to make effective and accurate comparisons between various types of energy generation processes.

Geology 298: Applied Environmental Science Seminar

Don Barber (Geology) led this project-oriented seminar, which aimed to foster student skills in research, analysis and synthesis of information in the interdisciplinary field of applied environmental science, with a specific focus on renewable energy. Students conducted research on alternative energy options that could potentially be implemented at Bryn Mawr.