Graduate Leigh Schaefer ’13
Posted May 10th, 2017
Leigh Schaefer ’13 is now working at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.
Lindsey Marinello Sitting on a Bench
Posted May 2nd, 2017
Lindsey Marinello ’17 will further her passions for Russian and space exploration in Almaty, Kazakhstan as a recipient of the prestigious Boren Scholarship.
Lindsey Marinello
Posted May 1st, 2017
She's already founded two student engineering-focused groups.
Posted April 27th, 2017
Evan Schneider ’10 has recently been named one of NASA’s 17 new Hubble Fellows.
Posted April 25th, 2017
Posted April 20th, 2017
Effects of biaxial strain on the improper multiferroicity in h-LuFeO3 films studied using the restrained thermal expansion method
Physics professor and students working in a lab.
Posted March 18th, 2017
Physics professor and students are working toward the "holy grail": fusion.