physics lab

Becoming Part of Our Learning Community

Since its founding in 1885, Bryn Mawr College has maintained its character as a small learning community that fosters close working relationships among faculty and students. Our faculty of teacher/scholars emphasizes learning through conversation and collaboration, primary reading, original research, and experimentation. As a postbac student, you will be welcomed and supported by our learning community.

Our faculty members are dedicated to making the sciences accessible and relevant to your interests as a premedical student. They relish the opportunity to teach students who are intellectually curious, hardworking, and passionate about learning. Our faculty are readily available outside of class, as well, to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about your coursework. Many of our faculty members supplement their courses with evening group help sessions.

In addition, we offer peer-led instruction for many of the required courses you will be taking. Our faculty members carefully select outstanding students—usually a senior majoring in the specific subject or a former postbac student—and train them to supplement class lectures. In addition, the peer instructors organize non-mandatory group work sessions one or two nights a week during the academic year and almost every day during the summer to reinforce your learning. Group or individual peer tutoring in the sciences is also available free of charge at any time during the program.