Outside the Classroom

Our learning community extends far beyond the classroom walls.

Learning from Other Postbac Students

At Bryn Mawr, you will be welcomed into a collaborative premedical education community in which postbac students help one another reach their full potential. In the process, many postbacs have formed lasting friendships.

You’ll be encouraged to form or join informal study groups, in which students help one another strengthen their understanding of the material presented in classrooms and labs.

If you wish to explore a medical issue or specialty area in depth, you can join one of the many topic-oriented focus groups led by students who share similar interests. For example, recent interest groups have focused on biotechnology, ethics, emergency and wilderness medicine, infectious diseases, integrative medicine, international health, neurology and psychiatry, pediatrics, public health, surgery, women’s health, and women’s issues in medicine.

Typical topic-oriented focus group activities led by students have included organizing field trips to various medical institutions in the region, inviting speakers from the medical community to campus for informal discussions about issues, and forming journal clubs to discuss the latest advances reported in the medical literature as well as trends in various specialty areas.

Learning from Leaders

Bryn Mawr offers a variety of lectures and other special programs that bring prominent physicians, researchers, and policy-makers to campus as guest speakers. Organized by the Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program Office and other departments of the College, these events broaden students’ exposure to diverse viewpoints.