HSV Certification and Maintenance

HSV Certification

Upon completion of Bryn Mawr's HSV program requirements, including posting of BMC grades, acceptance of transfer credits*, and receipt of all pertinent materials pertaining to the student's Bryn Mawr HSV record, the student will receive an official email from Bryn Mawr indicating completion of the requirements.

Students are responsible for appling for the HSV Certification with the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). The student must apply for official HSV Certification using the PDE Teacher Information Management System (TIMS) website. Once the student completes the online application, the student is to notify the HSV Certifying Officer of such so that Bryn Mawr can finalize the process by affirming the student's completion of the preparation program and recommend the student for the certification.

  • Important:
    • HSV Certification is not complete or official until the certificate has been issued by PDE.
    • PDE application system (TIMS) is used to track Home and School Visitor Certification.
      • Students should familiarize themselves with this system prior to application.
      • The Home and School Visitor certification falls under the category of Educational Specialist.
      • Information on the PDE TIMS electronic application process are available on the PDE website
      • The state charges a $200* application fee as part of the certification process. 
        The above application fee is set by PDE and current as of 2018.

* Please refer to HSV Transfer/Waiver Credit webpage.

HSV Certification Maintenance

The Home and School Visitor Certification, as with other professional certifications or licenses, requires continuing education maintenance in order to keep the certification active.

The PA Department of Education requires that persons holding Pennsylvania professional educator certification (including the Home and School Visitor Certification) acquire a specific number of Act 48 continuing professional education credit hours in order to maintain their certifications as active.

Holders of PA professional educator certifications may accomplish this by earning six collegiate credits or six PDE-approved in-service credits or 180 continuing education hours or any combination of the above every five calendar years, commencing upon receipt of the original certification. NOTE: Each collegiate credit is equal to 30 continuing education hours. All credits and hours must be related to an educator’s certificate type or area of assignment, unless enrolled in an administrative program or approved by the school board.

Bryn Mawr's Center for Professional Development is pleased to  offer many Act 48 continuing education credit opportunities within its program. Each Professional Development contact hour is the equivalent of one Act 48 credit.


Center for Professional Development

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