Incorporate Insightful Mindful Meditation into Your Life and Your Work with Clients

Fridays, Oct. 22 and 29, 2021 | 9:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. ET

$130* | 6 CEUs

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Learn how to Incorporate Insightful Mindful Meditation into your life and your work with clients.

Why we meditate together…To create roots and solace for ourselves when the winds of change threaten to blow us over.”

Insight meditation practices invite us to tune with the breath, calm the nervous system and bring relaxation to our bodies. We learn to tend to the mind – learning we have a choice to not stay hitched to all our thoughts. When meditation becomes a regular practice, we begin to see clearly how our minds work and how the ways in which we show up impact our mental health.  We learn to pay attention without judgement and self-criticism.  We practice nourishing our compassionate spirit… our innate goodness which translates to the beginning of a loving healing relationship with ourselves.

In this 2 day workshop, the tools (how to) of mindful meditation will be taught.  With the guidance of the instructor, students will learn and be led in insight meditation practices which lend beautifully to self soothing strategies for anxiety symptoms. Not only will this training provide helpful self-care practices to mitigate daily stresses and help combat compassion fatigue, but practitioners will learn how to bring these practices to their clients.

This program invites us to connect deeply with ourselves and each other by sharing in class our meditative experiences and struggles that may occur during the practices that the instructor leads.  This is an experiential workshop that offers opportunities for vulnerability, just like we ask of our clients. Practices in vulnerability and self compassion will be facilitated. 

Practicing these techniques at home in between day 1 and day 2 is encouraged so that participants can bring their questions and road blocks to the instructor on day 2.

Participants in this program will be able to: 1) Understand the relationship between meditation and mindfulness and how it can enhance self-awareness across the spectrum of practice experience; 2) Consider how to bring meditation and mindfulness into one’s daily practice; and 3) Learn how to use meditation practices to manage anxieties (for both self and client).

This workshop is open to all forms of therapists and educators interested in a better understanding of the union between mind and body.

Tracey Frank Ellenbogen, L.C.S.W., has been in private practice since 1998. Tracey has received two years of formal post graduate training at the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia and in MBITM (Mind Body Intelligence) training at The Sage Healing Institute. In addition to a full time individual therapy practice, Tracey runs weekly insight meditation reflection groups, meditation/self care retreats, monthly motherless daughters grief groups and workshops for Adult Daughters of Personality Disordered Parents.