Reflective Supervision

Fridays: Jan. 21, Feb. 18, March 18, 2022 | Time 1–3 p.m. ET

$150 | 6 CEUs

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3 Sessions | 2 CEUs per Session

Delivery : Synchronous Virtual Classroom via Zoom

Reflective Supervision (RS) is a model which supports trauma informed practice by first recognizing that providers are affected by exposure to the traumatic material presented by clients/patients/consumers and providing a safe space for them to address this.  RS is built on the fundamental core principles of collaboration, relationships, and trust which are also the foundations of trauma informed practice.  

Reflective Supervision provides the theoretical match between the supervisor/supervisee relationship and the supervisee/consumer relationship that is critical for trauma informed practice.

Participants in this program will be able to: 1) Identify the core components of Reflective Supervision; 2) Create a supervisory genogram to reflect on the formation of supervisory identity; 3)  Explore organizing principles for reflective supervision like parallel process, professional use of self, and transference/countertransference; 4) Understand the importance of trust and other trauma informed principles, like safety, collaboration and empowerment in the supervisory process; 5) Examine the physical and emotional stress commonly associated with working with traumatized populations; 6) Understand the core competencies for supporting staff who are experiencing secondary traumatic stress; 7) Identify ways in which a Reflective Supervision model may support supervisors as they engage in the work of supporting staff, especially considering a distance work force; 8) Participate in Reflective Supervision practice session; 9) Develop plans to implement Reflective supervision in the workspace.

This course is appropriate for all levels of practitioners and supervisors.

Presenter: Marcy Witherspoon, M.S.W., L.S.W.,  has been a pillar of the Philadelphia social work community for forty years.  She joined the staff at HFP several years ago after working for the organization as a consultant for over a decade. She provides training, coaching, and consultation for myriad disciplines including health care providers, educators, and social service providers, with a focus on trauma-informed practice.  Marcy provides individualized attention to her clients in her training and consultation sessions, often incorporating storytelling to make an emotional connection with others.

Health Federation of Philadelphia (HFP) has developed and delivered professional development on Reflective Supervision for behavioral health care, child welfare, and youth services supervisors. Additionally, Reflective Supervision is the model of supervision used at HFP.