"I think the fact that everyone that I encounter Bryn Mawr values the education of women-- that's meaningful and that makes me feel like I
matter in ways that maybe I wouldn't if I were to go to a different school." -- Ashley Boyette '20
Kass Wojick '20
"As a biology major at Bryn Mawr what I am really looking for is the hands-on experience to emphasize what I'm learning in the classroom."
Sohini Maniar '18
"I knew I wanted to go to a women's college."
Namrata Basu Class of 2019
"I think Bryn Mawr gives you the space to grow. They don't just throw you into the sea and say, 'Just swim now.'"
Julie Gonzales
"Coming to college, I wanted to give other people that comfort level, to make them feel like they're part of a team."
Hayley Johnson '18
"Going to a women's college, I'm many times more likely to stay in a STEM field."
Erin Bonner '16
"It has been very valuable to be surrounded by other women also pursuing science."
Leslie Knotts '00
"Most of the alums are really engaged: they're happy to help you out and share their networks."
Bayh Sullivan
"In retrospect I feel fine taking up the space that I have earned and that I deserve."
Kaitlin Menza '09
Menza writes on a range of topics, including a major story on women and guns