Home Institution: Keio University, Japan

Major: Political Science

What has your overall experience at Bryn Mawr been like?

Living in the beautiful campus and surrounded by warm people, I have had a calming and relaxing time here in Bryn Mawr. Bryn Mawr is a perfect place for me to reflect on myself and my life, which is one of the purposes of my studying abroad in the U.S.

What are some of the courses you've taken and activities you've pursued at Bryn Mawr?

Along with a writing course and the Emily Balch Seminar, I am mainly studying political science, as I did in my home university. It is challenging for a non-native in English like me to deal with a lot of reading and writing tasks as well as the high-speed of class discussions. However, professors are always eager to help us and I really appreciate their support. It has been a special experience for me to study deeply about politics in the year the presidential election was held in the U.S.

Moreover, Bryn Mawr provided me with a lot of opportunities to take some breaks from my studying. Participating in many traditional events at Bryn Mawr made me feel like I am strongly connected to this Bryn Mawr community. There are activities for international students. and I always made the most of the college facilities, including the gymnasium and the piano practice rooms.

What do you think you will you miss most about Bryn Mawr?

It is this perfect study environment that I will miss the most. Not to mention the high quality of education and the helpful supports by this community, However, the most lovable thing I found here is my friends, who are always hardworking and encourage me a lot even when I feel a little bit overwhelmed by my studying.