Home Institution:  Tsuda University, Japan

Major: English Literature / Communication

What has your overall experience at Bryn Mawr been like?

I am happy to have a chance to be at Bryn Mawr as an exchange student. At first, it was difficult to get used to all the readings and writings done here, but I was very stimulated by how much energy other students put  toward studying. Being in this environment has changed my ways of thinking.

What are some of the courses you've taken and the activities you've pursued at Bryn Mawr?

This semester I took ESEM (History of Holocaust), a writing class, sociology/health studies, and East Asian Studies. In addition, I took four PE classes; aerobics, Zumba, pilates and volleyball. Discovering new fields is very interesting, and taking classes that are not held in my home college is also exciting.  Also, learning about my home country from the American perspective in the Japanese civilization class has been an amusing experience.

What new academic or career interests have you discovered while at Bryn Mawr?

From the experiences I`ve had in the past seven weeks, I started to find many possible options for the future.  Through studying at Bryn Mawr this academic year, I would like to see how I can continue to change my perspective.

What do you think you will you miss most about Bryn Mawr?

I will miss all the friends I made here and the beautiful campus. I cannot forget the beautiful sunset I saw when I first came to Bryn Mawr. Walking through the campus and refreshing myself by looking at the sunset has been one of the best memories. I will also miss studying in this rigorous environment where students are very passionate.